A better world can be started as close as your home. That’s why we wholeheartedly design, with no compromise, our PlanHome collection to create a more harmonious playing and learning environment that help promote self-development for kids while embrocing the aesthetic of you home


Let your imagination run wild and build a medieval fantasy world complete with a functional catapult, a king & queen, a knight, 2 horses and even a flying dragon! Consists of 60 pieces.


This collection see us improve our family value within toys, The dough set was created by putting kids and families at the center because we highly believe that family value is among the most important drive in child’s development. Rather that include pre-mode dough in the box, we decided to provide our consumer with an easy-to-made recipe of how to make a home-made dough. This way the Dough Set Collection can be treated as a toys to bond family closer and spend time to enjoy and mode their own homemade and chemical-free play dough together


If playing is how children learn and dream their ways about the world. PlanWorld range will be their chosen tools for becoming the architect of their own dreams. While cultivating sustainable awareness within young generations, PlanWorld is also their imaginations made real.